The Möbius Operating System

Möbius is an open-source operating system for the IA-32 platform (Intel i386 and compatibles).

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About Möbius

There are a lot of other operating systems for the i386:

  • Windows NT and its successors are closed-source. Their development is dictated solely by Microsoft and their interests.
  • Windows 95 and its successors are hacks to Windows 3.x and MS-DOS.
  • Linux has been going a long time, and has traditionally been a Unix clone.
  • As such it is a bit of a hack and is struggling to keep up with modern OS concepts.
  • Most of the other amateur OS projects consist of a boot sector and a 'kernel' which prints "Hello, world!".
  • Of the others, most have followed the same path as Linux, without any regard to design or future compatibility.
  • The small remainder are promising, well-designed operating systems.

Möbius has been designed as a good modern OS. Its main goals are:

  • To be extensible enough so that it is easy to modify it for new devices and technologies
  • To keep the kernel as small and modular as possible
  • To support existing applications where possible
  • To remain easy enough to use that users can install and configure a Möbius system without having to learn it

You can try the OS by downloading a floppy disk image, writing it to a disk and booting from it. Alternatively, you can use the disk image in an emulator such as Bochs. Full source code is available through CVS.

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