The Möbius Operating System: Annotated Index

The Möbius Kernel Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
asyncio_tHolds device request information in a device's asynchronous queue
cache_tRepresents a file cache object
device_vtbl_tVirtual function table for device objects
dirent_tContains information on an entry in a directory
driver_tDevice driver structure
file_tFile object structure
fileop_tContains status information for user-mode asynchronous I/O operations
module_info_tUser-mode module information structure
params_dev_tParameters for a DEV_xxx request
params_fs_tParameters for a FS_xxx request
params_port_tParameters for a PORT_xxx request
process_info_tUser-mode process information structure
request_tSpecifies parameters for a device request
sysinfo_tInformation structure for SysGetInfo()
systimes_tInformation structure for SysGetTimes()
thread_info_tUser-mode thead information structure
vm_desc_tRepresents an area of memory, possibly shared between more than one process
vm_node_tRepresents an area of memory in one process
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