The Möbius Operating System: Annotated Index

The Möbius Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
OS::ButtonButton control
OS::ControlBase class for controls
OS::DialogBoxFrame for dialog box
OS::DialogContainerContainer for controls in a dialog box
dirent_tContains information on an entry in a directory
OS::EditEdit control
fileop_tContains status information for user-mode asynchronous I/O operations
OS::FrameWindowWindow with a frame
OS::GraphicsWraps a graphics handle
OS::LabelLabel control
OS::MenuPop-up menu
OS::MessageHandlerAbstract base class for an object that can handle messages
module_info_tUser-mode module information structure
OS::PainterAllows painting on a window
params_port_tParameters for a PORT_xxx request
process_info_tUser-mode process information structure
sysinfo_tInformation structure for SysGetInfo()
systimes_tInformation structure for SysGetTimes()
thread_info_tUser-mode thead information structure
OS::WindowWraps a window handle
OS::WindowImplBase class for custom window classes
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