The Möbius Operating System: Download

Disk Images

Use these to try Möbius. Each file contains the data from one floppy disk. You can write this file straight to a disk (see below), or you can use it with an emulator (such as Bochs, VMWare or Virtual PC).

You should use the latest version, although several versions are available.

File Date Size
mobius-fd-release5.img.gz 14 March 2004 1205 KB
mobius-fd-2003-11-23.img.gz 23 November 2003 993 KB
mobius-fd-2003-10-27.img.gz 27 October 2003 623 KB
mobius-mini-20030308.img.gz 8 March 2003 441 KB
mobius-mini-20030115.img.gz 15 January 2003 433 KB
mobius-mini-20020513.img.gz 13 May 2002 421 KB
mobius-micro-20020831.img.gz 31 August 2002 427 KB

To write a floppy disk image on Windows, use the WinImage program, or download the Cygwin package and use the GNU tools described below.

To write a floppy disk image to a disk using GNU tools: (e.g. on Linux or Cygwin)

  1. Uncompress the file you downloaded, using gunzip
  2. Insert a formatted floppy disk
  3. Use the dd program to write the data to the disk

Source Code

These archives contain the full source code to the Möbius operating system.

File Date Size
mobius-src-release5.tar.gz 14 March 2004 2074 KB
mobius-src-2003-10-27.tar.gz 27 October 2003 5872 KB