The Möbius Operating System: Screenshots

Release 5

The Möbius boot screen
Each icon represents a module loaded during boot. Here, /System/Devices has been mounted, the keyboard, serial mouse driver has been loaded, and the PS/2 mouse driver is being loaded now.
The console server and two shells
The console server provides access to the video card via graphical consoles, and to the keyboard. Applications (in this case, the command line shell) send output to the console server as UTF-8 text, and receive keyboard input.
Currently graphical programs use the video driver directly. Tetris will use any 8-bit mode; it is up to the video driver to decide the resolution if one it not specified. This screenshot shows the 320x200 8-bit VGA mode, although if the the VESA driver is enabled, Tetris (and the console server) will use that. This Tetris program is based on sources from Chris Giese's Cosmos OS.
The console server, again
Another shot of the console server, this time in 1024x768 8-bit mode, with a TrueType font (Vera Mono) used for the text. Although this is only an 256-colour mode, applications can still specify 24 bits for colours; dithering is performed automatically. Dithering is more obvious in the Tetris application.
The colour (or color) command lets you change the colours used for text. TrueType support is provided by the FreeType library.